About Me

About me

A few words about me & why I started a wedding blog for fun!

What you need to know about me is that I love weddings. It’s that big day that a large sub-section of women (and men) dream of all their lives. A day of celebration, of love and an excuse to have a party that is really all about you! You get to wear a ridiculous dress that in any other situation would look crazy, choose your favourite food to eat and make everyone else eat it and then hire a DJ or band to play all your favourite songs – what’s not to like! These days weddings can be even more than that though, they can be a true reflection of your personal style and can be as big or as tiny as you desire. The preconceptions of what your wedding must be like are disappearing and with that brides are free to express themselves honestly and not pretend to be a princess for the day if they just don’t want to. This modern bridal ethos is what I love.

So, about me. I’m Andy and I worked for many years for a big bridal company as a press officer, social media guy and writer. The job just happened, I fell into it but grew to love being immersed in the wedding world. In order to keep my energy for the industry alive I decided to go freelance and work exclusively for small businesses helping them out with their websites, social media and SEO. It’s a job that I love and I work for people that I genuinely like and care for, something not everyone can say.

I started Love Letters & Peonies so that I could write freely about things in the wedding industry that I really loved, free from constraint. Bridal gowns that really float my boat, honeymoons that I can only dream of going on and wedding planning advice that I have picked up through the years. No filter and no mediation.

This wedding blog is for me, but really it is for you. It’s for those of you who sit there reading and scrolling with a rock on your finger desperate for wedding inspiration. So take these ideas and turn them into a big day reality.

If you would like to get in touch for me to feature your work of if you have any questions about me please use the email link below.