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Amazing 4 Destination Wedding locations in Europe

If you are looking for destination wedding ideas here are some amazing locations around Europe you are sure to fall in love with.

A wedding in the UK can of course be a very charming affair but if you’re looking for guaranteed sunshine and a dreamlike backdrop then a destination wedding abroad could be for you. I have also been obsessed with the idea of nuptials on Balearic island sandy beaches, wedding photography set against a Santorini skyline or rustic affairs in the middle of little French villages.

Here I pool together 4 of my favourite destination wedding locations I am loving right now.

Top 4 Destination Wedding locations – Love Letters & Peonies

Find your dream destination wedding location in Europe


This is a given and no destination wedding list could be complete with mentioning this tiny yet beautiful Greek island. Mystically breathtaking with sunsets that last a lifetime Santorini offers a backdrop of classic village style white and blue buildings built upon the mountainside, set against an unbelievably blue sea. Choosing either a wedding or honeymoon here will almost certainly leave you with the kind of photography that you’ll look back upon for a lifetime.

honeymoon ideas santorini


Traditionally a party island but over the years people have begun to discover the natural and historical beauty of the white isle, finding what made this such a popular destination for the young cool and those in need of spiritual healing. As a wedding location, it offers you long warm evenings that are matched only by the glorious sunny days. The beaches are picturesque and the towns left alone from the hoards of English revellers are often unchanged since their creation and deliver that rustic charm many modern brides desire in a destination wedding.

ibiza town wedding
Photo by Belinda Fewings

Amalfi Coast

Made famous by the rich and glamorous film stars of the sixties who would spend their summers whizzing along the winding roads in their sports cars, this small stretch of coastline offers still offers some of the chicest venues and views out over the Mediterranean you will ever imagine. Effortlessly romantic the cascade of colourful homes and churches offer the most spectacular backdrop, alongside the scenery, there are plenty of old barns and brick outbuildings which are crying out for you to hang your fairy lights on!

Photo by silvia trigo


A country known for its year-round sun, scenery and luxury it’s no surprise this destination wedding location made my list. This is however only because I wanted to highlight a beautifully transformed former military base called Cap Rocat, overlooking the bay of Palma de Mallorca. Secluded and magical the hotel feels otherworldly, offering brides the opportunity to relax and unwind during their wedding stay in some unique suites. My particular favourite has to the Sentinels (below) which is cut into the rock and features its own private pool with views out over the ocean… total dreaming.

Sentinels mallorca hotel

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