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How to Host a Virtual Hen Party on Zoom

Being in Lockdown doesn’t mean you and the girls (and boys) can’t ‘get together’ and have a ball

So that perfect Hen Party you have been planning for yonks has been postponed… but a Virtual Hen Party can be just as fun – no masks required! If there is one thing that we’ve all learnt about this whole new world we’re living in, it’s that where there is a will, there is a way! Yes, you can still plan something as fun and naughty, all you need to do is grab your laptop/iPad/phone and make it a virtual hen do to remember. From hen games and fancy dress to cocktails and playlists, here’s my guide on how to plan a virtual hen party that the bride-to-be will love.

For a lot of girls, a hen party (in the real world) can actually sound like the stuff of nightmares. If picturing a gang of sash wearing, wined to the eyeball hen do girls staggering down a local high-street brandishing oversized dildos turns your stomach slightly, then a virtual hen party could actually be your silver lining in this whole crisis! In reality also, these days our friends live all over the country & the world so in fact, logistically a Hen Party on Zoom can be a much easier (and cheaper) alternative for your favourite girls and boys. A Virtual Hen Party solves this problem and also allows everyone to take part even if they can’t get a babysitter or have work commitments. A win win.

Hosting a virtual event doesn’t just mean your closest friends hopping on a video call to chat for hours (although, I wouldn’t be opposed to that right now during lockdown…) – they’re an opportunity to do your favourite activities together, albeit remotely. For food lovers, see who can get the most creative in their kitchens with a cook-off. For yoga masters, organise a virtual hen/zen session. For trivia lovers, host a quiz night with questions relating to the years you have all been friends. The options are endless and definitely not hindered by a computer or phone screen!

Ready to celebrate your virtual hen party? Get inspired by these activities and decoration ideas.

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Photo by Andrea Piacquadio

Fancy Dress

If you had already gone to the effort of planning a big pre-wedding weekend, there is no reason why you can’t bring many of the same elements to your virtual hen party – and that includes that retro ski theme (you did, after all, go through the hassle of buying that 80s jacket on eBay two months ago…). If you’re having to pull a theme together quickly, choose something that everyone will already have in their wardrobes – it could be the bride’s favourite colour, something sparkly or pick a makeup theme instead like feline flicks, bold red lips or 70s blue eyeshadow and glitter galore – there are heaps of opportunities to get creative and a chance to really get into the spirit of it. At the end of the day, its fun to get dressed up in fancy dress, but usually the most embarrassing part of it is your journey to your destination – dressing up & staying indoors eliminates this trauma!

Create the Perfect Playlist

Once you have your dress theme, you might want to start curating a playlist that matches it. Start by building a new playlist on Spotify that you can share with other attendees so there’s a bunch of tracks that appeal to a variety of music tastes – don’t forget what the bride might want too. Slip in some old classics, maybe ones that bring back school or uni days or that wild lets-not-talk-about-it-again night out…

bride-to-be dancing at home
Photo by Simona Todorova

Virtual Hen Party Games

What’s a hen party without the games? You can still do the Mr & Mrs quiz, just make sure one of you organises the questions to be sent to the groom before it takes place. You could play X-rated bingo too (maybe the kind that you definitely won’t see your gran playing, ever) or Never Have I Ever – even a screen won’t hide the red faces! Why not order everyone classic penis straws via Amazon, or go the whole hog and order sashes for everyone and some not so classy glasses for the bride-to-be. There are lots of different websites and apps which allow you to play card games and board games online. If you love the popular Cards Against Humanity, then you’ll be pleased to know that you can play this online!

A Girl’s Night In

If you’d rather keep the virtual hen party more low-key, why not get everyone face-masking & pampering? Prior to your party, send your guests a care package of spa goodies (face masks, nail polish, a robe, etc.) or ask them to gather some of their own spa supplies. When it comes time to video call, have everyone dress in their cosiest attire and start their at-home treatments together. Or, you could watch a film ‘together’ ie – stream the film at the same time via Netflix party, and order a takeaway from your favourite restaurant (supporting local businesses at the same time). Just because you’re social distancing, doesn’t mean things need to be boring.

virtual hen party ideas
Photo by Inga Seliverstova

Decorate your Bride-to-be’s Home (Virtually)

Just because you can’t visit your bride-to-be doesn’t mean she shouldn’t feel like she’s at a party! Balloons, branded cups, banners – the whole shebang! Club together as bridesmaids and maybe choose an item each or get her a virtual hen party survival kit and watch as she reacts to all the decorations you have chosen for her. It’s a great way to start the night, make her feel special and a hell of a lot easier than decorating yourself!

Find Your Hen Zen With Yoga

Let’s be real: Wedding planning is stressful. So why not take some time to de-stress with your crew over a calming yoga practice? Find a yoga instructor who will host a private session for you or find a pre-recorded practice online to send to your guests. This doesn’t have to dominate your virtual hen party but it could be a good way to literally warm everyone up and burn some calories before the drinking begins!

A Virtual Cocktail Party/Class

For something a little different, why not create your own virtual cocktail party (or mocktail)/ cocktail making class? Find a recipe online (sex on the beach anyone?) and inform your hen girls beforehand to ensure that they’ll have any necessary ingredients to make the drink of your choice. The finished articles don’t need to win any awards, just as long as your group is having fun and doing something together that’s all that matters!

cocktail making at home virtual party
Photo by Olena Sergienko on Unsplash

Talk a Walk Down Memory Lane

Consider this the bridal version of Show and Tell. Prior to the party, tell each of your guests to find an object or photo that reminds them of a special memory with you. Then, have everyone take turns sharing their picks. We promise you’ll enjoy reminiscing with your best friends all while you make new memories at the same time! A bit of advice? The more embarrassing the better!

Just remember, when throwing a virtual hen party its important to remember its benefits and not its downfalls. Yes, you can’t grab your girls in a big group hug at the end of the night but you do get to wake up in your own bed. Yes, you can’t harass the ‘attractive when drunk’ doner kebab guy at 4am in the morning but you also don’t have to get the night bus home in the pouring rain. Keep positive, keep motivated and keep together.


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