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2021 Wedding Ideas: Inspiration to Get You Excited About Post-Pandemic

Let’s face it, 2020 has been shit. Next year promises better things and weddings should hopefully get back on track, but with some distinct differences. Here’s what you can expect in 2021.

When searching for 2021 wedding ideas, you’re probably hoping that the results will be ‘everything will be back to normal next year’! Unfortunately, I feel the Google results and the reality, may disappoint you. Normal service will not be resumed for a while. The infection rates are still rising globally, and while deaths are lowering, they are still not at a level that governments can feasibly allow people to carry on their lives without social distancing etc. Now that’s the depressing bit over with, now for some positivity. Vaccinations are being rolled out in many countries now, which is good news, as in theory once everyone has been vaccinated we can all return to a greater sense of normality. Obviously, the process will take some time, but it’s a ray of hope that many businesses that have severely struggled during the pandemic, are clinging onto.

With renewed positivity, comes the ability to look forward. With this in mind, myself and brides around the world are looking for 2021 wedding ideas. Trends that will emerge, new ways to announce your love and fresh approaches to sharing your celebration. Will weddings be smaller? Will they be bigger? Will my great aunt need to partake in an intimate health examination before entering the church? All these questions have no answers, just guesses. But what we do know is that your 2021 wedding should be easier than last year, and hopefully offer a lot more freedom.

Without further ado, lets get excited and start planning your big day with these new wedding ideas for 2021!

Wedding Ideas for 2021, and a bit beyond.

The Guest Experience

It’s a disgusting term, but ‘The Guest Experience’ neatly sums up how I feel newly-weds will approach their big day next year. The only experiences most of us have had this year have been truly awful, so why not give your guests something to enjoy and have fun with your wedding ideas in 2021. Be it a giant festival style Ferris wheel, unique performers, stand-ups, synchronised swimmers… whatever it is that you think your guests will love, go for it! The traditional wedding band? Forget it, go for a fun, cool band and give your loved ones that gig experience! Just an idea, the important thing is to entertain your guests in the real world, and remind them of the fun they can have away from Netflix.

Scene Setting

One of the key themes for 2021 wedding ideas, is a move away from the traditional. When it comes to decoration, this can mean not just opting for the theme that your venue offers within their package. Why not go crazy and create a decor that is less ‘paint by numbers’, and more Picasso – i.e. think outside the box. Create a wonderful backdrop to your nuptials that can then be repurposed for your guests Instagram shots, or design your decor to be eaten? Think wonderful, sweeping floral arrangements undulating throughout your reception that also have little sweet treats hidden inside! Or why not hire an artist that you admire to create your room decoration/s. Let them fashion something that has never been seen before.

Bring Your Guests into Your Ceremony

When was the last time you gave your best friend a hug? Shared an intimate space together? If they weren’t in your ‘bubble’, it was probably quite a while ago…! Undoubtedly, we have all missed our loved ones. So, in 2021 why not bring them into your ceremony and celebrate them too. You could have your guests partake in the vows or get them to party pass the wedding rings before handing them over, or maybe have a sing-along together of one of your favourite (meaningful) songs during the ceremony. Whatever you do, tailor your wedding ideas in 2021 and make them personal and inclusive.


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