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Steal these Outdoor Wedding Photography Ideas

Ensure your wedding album is filled with the most beautiful outdoor shots

If you’re looking for outdoor wedding photography ideas because you just can’t visualise where & how they’ll be – I thought I’d ‘thought shower’ you with my tips! As some of the world is creeping out of lockdown, couples can now see the big day light at the end of the tunnel and hosting your wedding outdoors at the moment, seems like the safest idea! No longer will a plastic marquee crammed with 50 or so tables really be an option, no, a wedding in 2020 or 2021 will need to be in the open air. Your guests will have to be co-ordinated and chaperoned (from a distance) in order to keep them a safe distance apart while staff will need to be protected at all times from your possibly infected friends and family. It will be a strange world for a time but it’s safe to say, a wedding outside when the weather is right, is always a lovely thing – be it in the midst of a pandemic, or in the future.

Outdoor Wedding Photography Ideas
Photo by Foto Pettine

Part of the joy in celebrating outside is how it looks as a backdrop. That mystical lake, a gentle tide rolling onto the beach or a mountain peak in the distance. Whatever your wedding location, its important to gather your outdoor wedding photography ideas way ahead of time because they will orientate possibly how you spend your big day, but they’ll definitely inform your photographer on what to capture. Giving him or her the exact locations you want your big shots taken in and how you want them photographed will guarantee you won’t be disappointed down the line. Right off the bat, my best advice for a wedding outdoors or indoors is always to scout the location first. Don’t wing it on the day, and if your wedding photographer can accompany you all the better. Think of it like a fashion shoot, you wouldn’t just turn up with a bunch of models, a camera and just start snapping. No, you need to decide exactly where, take notes and pictures of the places you see yourself standing in. Your photographer should have some thoughts on the day also, so be open to adding in a couple of extra shots on the fly too.

Before you book your little research trip, I thought I would furnish you with my outdoor wedding photography ideas, so that you had everything in your mind arsenal ready to be inspired! Read on and feel free to let me know your best locations too!

Outdoor Wedding Photography Ideas

The Ceremony Setup

Before anyone arrives for the ceremony is the perfect time to have photos taken of how the space looks. Whether you’re getting married in an open field, a ceremony on the sand, or even in your back garden! Capturing the location before events unfold and your guests aren’t ‘in the way’ is a great way to start an album, it fits perfectly after your wedding breakfast and getting ready.

wedding outdoors
Photo by Analise Benevides
The Ceremony Accessories

Once a wide shot of the ceremony is captured, now is the time to get some close-up shots of the details. Those cute signs saying #SarahandPhillsWedding that you pondered over for ages on Etsy, the beautiful (and expensive) flower arrangements, the DIY cocktail bar that’s been drained of all supplies by your other half’s side of the family – all of these little details that make your outdoor wedding special, capture them.

The Wedding Party’s Grand Entrance

Since the bridesmaids and groomsmen walk down the aisle before the bride, have the photographer capture their expressions and their first couple of steps. That way you (the bride) can get a glimpse of all the action you missed!

The First Look

Now, traditionally its fairly well known that its bad luck to see the bride before you reach the altar. However, these days couples have decided that bad luck is not something that could genuinely affect them and are planning ‘First Look’ shots. A series of images (or video) that capture the moment the groom sees his bride in her wedding dress etc. For me, honestly I think its corny but I have seen some really special moments captured when its done right, nothing over the top. To get the right spot maybe choose a pretty wall that you can walk around the corner of, or simply get him to turn around and look out into the distance until you say his name.

first look of bride and groom
Photo by Jonathan Borba
The Bride Walking Down the Aisle

A classic and a must for your photographer. This is a moment where a photo says it all. You’ll be so overwhelmed with emotion and nerves as you take your steps down the aisle, you’ll hardly remember what happened until you make it up the altar. So getting the perfect shot of you in action is key.

Just the Ladies

Indoor or outdoor you’ll want a shot of just you girls. They’re the ones that have stuck by you, advised you and put up with your drunken dancing. They deserve a moment in the spotlight with you, so choose a backdrop that can, to be honest, blurred out! Because at the end of the day they are the stars, so don’t distract from their brightness! I know this doesn’t really fall into the outdoor wedding photography ideas category but I had to include it!

bridesmaids on the beach
Photo by Photographe EVJF GREG
The Breeze & the Veil

Capturing your veil floating (or blowing away) in the breeze never fails to look whimsical and pretty. If you’re getting married outdoors there will certainly be a light wind at some point during the day, so make sure you take your moment and get it right. Be it a shot with your veil enveloping you both or simply you on your own catching the breeze it’s a shot that you’ll be pleased to have made the effort to do.

A Moment Just for You

Getting married can be a whirlwind of a day in which you are surrounded by hundreds of friends and family members who all want a piece of the happy couple. So why not take a moment just for you and your new spouse and get out of there (for a bit, don’t run away!), find a spot and just let it all sink in. This is one of my favourite outdoor wedding photography ideas, as the wood or a meadow or any pretty outdoors-y space near your venue becomes the most beautiful backdrop! Your photographer will love it too because he can secretly just snap away fantastic shots of you both without any posing, just natural joyfulness. A wonderful shot to pair with your engagement photography.


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