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Questions to Ask a Wedding Celebrant

Key Questions to Ask When Meeting Your Wedding Celebrant for the First Time

When considering the best questions to ask a wedding celebrant, who better to ask than a celebrant! Which is why I asked humanist wedding celebrant Roxy of Roxy Celebrates Love to guest blog for me, and share what she believes couples should discuss with celebrants about upon first meeting.

Roxy is an award-winning celebrant who has worked across the UK and abroad, and is known for her fun, original ceremonies.

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Having a celebrant conduct your ceremony makes for a unique, and personalised way to tie the knot. Unlike being married by a registrar, a celebrant will get to know you before the ceremony. They will develop a relationship with you, and in turn, an understanding of you both as a couple. Which will be reflected in their personalised script on the day.

Celebrants are hugely popular among modern marrying couples, and there are now many varying styles available to choose from. Therefore, it’s crucial to ask a potential celebrant the right questions on first meeting, to ensure the person you select is the right fit for you. After all, you’re entrusting them to tell your love story authentically, and set the tone for celebrations to come.

When searching for a wedding celebrant, or any supplier, I would always encourage shopping around and talking to various professionals. Humanists UK’s ‘Find a Celebrant’ map, and the Celebrant Directory are two great places to start, as they’ll both help you narrow down your search quickly. Failing that, ask friends and family for their recommendations, or do a localised search on social media.

Once you’ve found a celebrant you like, and you’ve confirmed they are available for your wedding date, it’s time to meet up! Whether that’s online via video call, or out for a coffee, these are the questions you should consider.

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Questions to Ask a Wedding Celebrant

Essential questions to consider when meeting your wedding celebrant for the first time. Key points that should help ensure the perfect fit for your ceremony.

What is your ceremony style?

Every celebrant has their own writing and delivery style. Which is why it’s important to find someone you trust to capture your story and deliver it in the right tone. Some celebrants are more romantic and whimsical, while others air on the side of light-heartedness, joy and laughter, and everything in between.

How do you personalise a ceremony?

Your celebrant will spend time getting to know you throughout your planning journey. This normally takes the form of questionnaires, followed by time spent together finding out about your lives. Following this, your celebrant would then go away and write the ceremony, creating a personalised script that encapsulates your story.

What is your accreditation/where did you train to be a celebrant?

It’s essential to ask your potential celebrant about their qualifications to ensure they are trained to a high standard. People come into the job via different avenues, and occasionally, you might come across people without proper training.

What experience do you have?

As well as asking about qualifications, be sure to find out about their experience and how long they’ve worked as a wedding celebrant. If you’re marrying abroad, ask if they’ve worked at a destination wedding before? Are they experienced in dealing with outdoor noise issues if the ceremony is taking place outside?

Consider whether their experience aligns with the type of ceremony you’re planning.

What does your fee include?

All celebrants price their service differently. Some will offer a flat fee inclusive of everything, while others offer different packages and add-ons. Something to keep in mind when agreeing to certain things, as those extras can soon add up. For example, make sure to ask if there are any additional charges for travel to and from the big day location.

Can I see your reviews & testimonials?

Check out the reviews and testimonials of a celebrant via their website, before deciding on anything. Google reviews tend to be more impartial, so this is a valuable place to look too.

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How can I get my friends and family involved in the ceremony?

The beauty of a celebrant led ceremony is that you can find unique ways to include friends and family in the most meaningful part of your day. Whether that’s through things like handfasting, readings, group vows or sing-alongs. A good celebrant will suggest lots of ways to incorporate your loved ones.

All couples are different, so finding the right touches to suit you both, is key.

How far in advance do I need to book?

The majority of celebrants are very busy, especially during peak wedding season, which can lead to many getting booked up way in advance. Tricky if you’re working with a tight deadline.

A good rule of thumb is to treat the booking of your celebrant much like you would a photographer, or any other vital wedding supplier, and make contact as soon as you’ve confirmed your venue. 

What’s the process/when will we meet etc?

Every celebrant has a different approach to how they work. And that’s why it’s worth asking plenty of questions. For instance, how soon will we start planning? What will the process be like? When will we meet? What happens after our planning meeting? When will we receive our first draft?

Getting these key questions answered early on should ensure you’re all on the same page and know exactly what’s happening.

What happens if you’re sick on the day?

Anything is possible. In the 100+ ceremonies I’ve done, this has only ever happened once, but it’s important to know there’s a backup plan. Most celebrants belong to a wider network (Humanists UK in my case), who can be called upon to deliver a ceremony last minute in case of emergency.

What do you love about being a celebrant? 

Your celebrant should be deeply passionate about what they do! Asking this question should help you better understand what drives them as a celebrant, and their journey to this point.

Above all, judge how you feel when talking to your potential celebrant. It’s all about chemistry. With or without a list of questions, you’ll quickly know if you’re talking to the right person for you! Good luck with your search. If you’d like to find out more about me and how I work, you can find me @roxycelebrateslove

A huge thank you to Roxy from Roxy Celebrates Love for sharing her expert celebrant advice with us! If you are looking for a Humanist celebrant in London or Brighton (where she’s based), or anywhere in the UK, be sure to get in touch with Roxy and start creating something special together.


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