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The Most Stylish Wedding Decorations on Etsy

You’re about to find the dreamiest wedding decorations on Etsy & they’ll all be under budget, mostly!

There was a time when searching for reception details meant trawling all the local shops on your high street! Or just going with whatever your venue was offering! Honestly kids! But, now you can you find the most unique, personalised & stylish wedding decorations on Etsy from the comfort of your sofa! Just think of something cool that you’ve always dreamed of having on your big day, like a bespoke neon sign, his and hers robes or bridesmaids beer coolers?! They have all of that random stuff & its all really pretty, plus a lot cheaper than you think.

Stylish Wedding Decorations on Etsy

You may be thinking, but ‘What is Etsy?’. A fair question. Well, its probably best to share their opinion of what they are;

Etsy is the global marketplace for unique and creative goods. It’s home to a universe of special, extraordinary items, from unique handcrafted pieces to vintage treasures.

In a time of increasing automation, it’s our mission to keep human connection at the heart of commerce. That’s why we built a place where creativity lives and thrives because it’s powered by people.

So basically, in case you didn’t understand that marketing spiel, Etsy is an online market where almost anyone, can sell almost anything. For anything else there’s the dark web! It’s a pretty great platform and useful tool that helps support small businesses that have seen their dreams swallowed up by the big guys. Now more than ever it’s important to shop from these independent sellers as they are struggling more than anyone, Ikea will bounce back, Zara doubled its online sales during April 2020 and Amazon will be the undeniably useful cockroach that will outlive any apocalypse. But small businesses and independent sellers don’t have the kind of cash in the bank that these behemoths do, so they need us to shop their stuff! Its so much more satisfying to fill your home with items from Etsy rather than anyway. It may seem appealing to live inside an Ikea catalogue, but do you really want to be living in page 32 and then visit your friends and realise they’re living on the same page! No! That’s not individual, that’s not creative, that’s paint by numbers home design! Your wedding is just the same. Finding the perfect wedding decorations on Etsy may not guarantee your big day is unique, but with so much choice and with sellers from around the world often offering a personalised service – you’re certainly more likely to surprise your guests rather than give them the opportunity to simply tick off all the items they had on their big day too.

For you dear readers, I disappeared down a spiralling Etsy wormhole and came back up smelling of biodegradable confetti and carrying my top picks for stylish wedding decorations from Etsy. These are purely my choices, stuff that I like and would genuinely have at my wedding, plus every item is much cheaper than you’d think! So kick back, dig out your wedding scrapbook and prepare to ask your other half what their thoughts are on ‘Jigsaw Puzzle Guestbooks‘?!

Tinker your big day budget with the most stylish wedding decorations on Etsy

A Custom Wedding Hashtag Sign
A Custom Wedding Hashtag Sign

This is 2020 people, every wedding needs a hashtag! #MarkandMindyGetHitched #DaveandBrianTietheKnot #AndyandPattySayIDo How else are your guests going to share their personal pics of your special day without a custom wedding hashtag. It’s a great way of pooling real shots of your big day together while also finding out what the bridesmaids actually got up to that night… You never know, a quick snap of you and your partner by your best friend Emily may make it into the wedding photo album ahead of the professional ones! The best way to let your guests know your Instagram hashtag other than on your stationery, is a sign. And this beauty is one of my faves!

Check it out here

Seating Chart Wedding
Modern Wedding Seating Chart in Calligraphy

You’ve weighed up the options for months. Who can sit with who. Who can’t sit with who. Do you group all the weird uncles together, or do you trust them with your boozed up bridesmaids on the top table? For every couple there are always tough decisions and undoubtedly there will always be someone who reads your seating plan and says ‘I can’t believe you sat me with her/him/them/that‘! You can’t please everyone, but you can make your seating plan so pretty they almost don’t care. ‘I should be mad at Claire for sticking me and my husband on a table with three of my ex-boyfriends, but look how pretty my name looks!‘ Nail your seating plan and not only will it be practical but also a stunning addition to your reception.

Check out this Seating Plan here.

Laser Cut Personalised Wedding Topper
Laser Cut Personalised Wedding Cake Topper

Gone are the days of wedding cakes being decorated with little bride and grooms sitting stiffly atop your centrepiece. Today we live in the age of the wedding cake topper and this has to be one of my favourite wedding decorations on Etsy, because its such an easy way to take a fairly plain cake and make it look fabulous! Or conversely, take an over the top wedding cake and make it totally, outrageously stunning! This wedding topper in particular is one of my faves as the delicate calligraphy gives a cake a very feminine flourish.

Check out this wedding cake topper here

Gold Wedding Timeline & Itinerary Sign wedding decoration on etsy
Gold Wedding Timeline & Itinerary Sign

Hey Malik, when’s the wedding cake being cut? Hi Rosa, when’s lunch? Bree, when can I take these evil heels off and get in a cab?‘ All questions that will be asked and all questions that can be answered easily and stylishly with this gorgeous wedding timeline. Customise it with your own big day events and give your guests a clear idea of where they should be and when, that way you’ll avoid a lot of the questions and hopefully any delays!

Shop this stunning Gold Wedding Timeline here

neon wedding sign on etsy
A Wow Neon Wedding Sign

This is my favourite of them all, honestly you can stop reading now because in my very humble opinion it doesn’t get better than this! I love neon. To me neon says Americana, it says late night, it says whatever you want it to say because these days neon signs are not just for strip bars and 24hr shops. No, these days you can realistically illuminate your whole home in neon for a lot cheaper than you’d think! I mean, don’t though, it would look pretty sleazy… Having a neon wedding sign is the perfect wedding decoration from Etsy because there are so many affordable options and all of them are easily customisable. This sign in particular is by NeonInterior, they make so many cool backdrops in a multitude of colours, making it easy to link up with your wedding theme whilst creating an Insta-viral-worthy background for your guests socials.

Create your Neon Wedding Sign here

social distancing sign covid 19
A Social Distancing Sign

Now, this is less lust-worthy and more practical and slightly depressing… However it needed to be included as wedding shopping & any weddings taking place in 2020 and possibly in 2021 are going to be slightly different than they were in the before. Your guests will need to socially distance, buffets are going to unlikely and your reception seating plan is going to have to allow for either at least 1m distances between your guests or for them to just have pack lunches. However your big day ends up looking after Covid-19 you will certainly need some kind of signage or information to help your loved ones enjoy your big day safely.

Snap up these social distancing signs in a variety of colours here.

bride vows sign wedding decoration
Bride Vows Sign & Keepsake

These days, couples no longer need to follow the script when it comes to wedding vows. They can be as funny, cheesy or weird as they like when it comes to declaring their love at the altar. However, the words uttered on that special day often get forgotten or thrown away and this is a shame as they are more than just memorised lines, they are vows to each other and should be celebrated as such. This acrylic sign is designed to decorate your wedding reception, either on the tables or dotted around – which I think is lovely! A very real, human and romantic touch that can help to remind you and your loved ones what this is all about. The best part, they make the perfect keepsake. Position one of them somewhere that is always visible in your home and you will have a constant reminder as to why she or he can be forgiven for not taking out the rubbish when you asked!

Pick up your bespoke bride vows sign here

Bio-degradable confetti
Personalised Bio-degradable Confetti

When you finish a chocolate bar do you throw the wrapper onto the street? When you’ve finished the newspaper do you tear it up into tiny squares and throw it to the ground? Hopefully the answer is no to both of those questions, so why would you want to be showered with confetti that will clog up our drains and take years to break down! You wouldn’t, so why not go for some bio-degradable confetti made from dried flowers. It’s prettier, smells better and obviously better for our planet – plus these are personalised, so they make the perfect memento! If you’re not a fan of individual plastic bags, make your own confetti and fill some pretty cones with your creation!

Find this bio-degradable confetti here

Now, this is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to stylish wedding decorations on Etsy, these are just some of my favourites right now. Jump into your own wormhole of big day styling and support your local small businesses by shopping independent and clicking here.


‘A little disclosure: there are affiliate links on this page! That just means if you click on a link, find something you like and buy it, we’ll make some cash. Don’t worry, you won’t pay any extra – you may even get a discount.’


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