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What to Put in a Wedding Card

Grab some digital stationery & start saying congrats

Weddings are such joyous occasions. The coming together of two people in love. A couple vowing to spend the rest of their lives together. What better cause for celebration could there be?! And what better way to celebrate this union, this moment, than by sending a beautiful wedding card to the newly-weds? But what exactly do you write in a wedding card? Sure, you could go with the standard “Congratulations on your big day!” But why not spice things up a bit and make your wedding card stand out from the rest?

What to Put in a Wedding Card

Ideas on What to Put in a Wedding Card

In this post, we’ll share some fun and creative ideas that’ll help you understand what to put in a wedding card.

Share a personal memory or anecdote

A simple way to make your wedding card more personal, is to share a memory or anecdote about the couple. Maybe you’ve known one, or both of them for a long time, and you have a funny or heart-warming story to share with them. Or perhaps you were there when they first met, and you can pinpoint the moment they fell in love!

Whatever the personal memory is for you, sharing it is a great way to let the couple know just how much you care about them and their relationship.

Share some wise words or well wishes

Weddings are a time for new beginnings, and the newly-weds are now embarking on a fresh chapter in their lives together. Why not offer them some wise words or well wishes for their future in your wedding card?

You could give them advice on how to make their marriage last, or simply wish them a lifetime of happiness together. Whatever you choose to say, make sure it comes straight from the heart.


Get creative with the words in your wedding card

If you’re creatively minded, why not write a poem, a song, or even a short story especially for the couple? This is a great way to show off your penmanship and give the couple a unique and memorable gift.

Whether it’s a funny limerick, a heartfelt sonnet, or even a silly story about the couple’s adventures together – just make sure it’s something that’ll make the couple smile and feel loved, many years from now.

Use a meaningful quote

If you don’t think you’re much of a writer, you could always add a meaningful quote to your wedding card. There are plenty of beautiful quotes about love, marriage, and commitment that would suit perfectly a congratulations card from you.

You could choose a quote from a favourite author, poet, or even a film. Just make sure it’s something that resonates with the couple, yourself, and reflects the love of their special day.

Keep it short & sincere

Sometimes, the most heartfelt messages are the simplest ones. And that’s certainly the case when finding the words for a wedding card.

You could simply write “Congratulations on your wedding day!”, or “Wishing you a lifetime of love and happiness together.” As long as your message comes from the heart, the couple will appreciate it.

No matter what you decide to write in your wedding card, the most important thing is that you’re there to celebrate the couple’s special day. Your presence and support mean more than any words you could write in a card. But if you do decide to write a message, make it something the couple will cherish for years to come.

So there you have it – five fun and creative ideas on what to put in a wedding card. Whether you choose to share a personal memory, offer advice, or get creative. Your card will be a special and heartfelt gift that the newly-weds will treasure forever, probably!


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